The Insiders Guide To Greensboro Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette party ideas for Greensboro
A Greensboro bachelorette party can be as outrageous as the occasion would suggest or it can be as laid-back as your usual get togethers. You certainly need to do something for the bride to be, whether it’s a night out on the town or a relaxing spa day. Don’t wait till the last minute to plan your bridal shower or casual gathering. We recommend you don't hold your last fling before the ring too close to the wedding. The best time to have the bridal shower would be a month before the wedding. Greensboro Male Strippers has put together some bachelorette party ideas that you can include when planning your event and some suggested bachelorette party locations in Greensboro.

Bachelorette Party Locations In Greensboro

  • Green Street Night Club If you’re looking for a place to party in downtown Greensboro, then this venue should be on your radar. Their popular Open Mic Night on Wednesdays could be fun for a musically inclined group or you can just enjoy the heart pumping crowds at a concert.
  • Geeksboro Coffee And Beverage Company Bring out the inner geekettes in your group when you enjoy the unique gaming experience of Geeksboro. You will dig the fantasy/sci-fi atmoposhpere and the eclectic decor. They cater and have events for all kinds of nerdy activities.
  • Breakout Games The basic premise is that your team of up to 8 people will be situated into a room and given a puzzle you will need to solve to break out of the space. What a great way to bond with your girlfriends and discover all of each others strengths when you rent a breakout game room.
  • Inner Diva Fitness If your crew enjoys physical activities with a sexy twist then a pole dancing class in Greensboro is something that they may enjoy. You can book an introductory class just for your group and choose from themes like “Coyote Ugly” and “Basic Instinct.“

Bachelorette Party Ideas For At Home Or A Hotel

You don’t have to leave your home or hotel to have a good time at your Greensboro bachelorette party! Have a sleepover or just stay in for the evening and plan some lively activities to do at your location.
  • Passion Party You know the gang will get really excited when you decide to host a pleasure party! What could be more fun then checking out the latest and the greatest in adult novelty toys and lingerie in the comfort and privacy of your own or a friends home. Most ladies will know someone who knows some that will host the event for your group. You can always find local novelty toy party pros to liven up the bridal shower.
  • Wine Tasting You can make it a simple wine and cheese tasting by paring wines and cheese from different countries or make it fun by doing blindfolded taste tests to see who can guess the most varieties and regions. Go out and buy 5 or more bottles just for the best looking labels and choose a diverse selection. Do a blind tasting and then try and match the wines to the descriptive labels.
  • Bachelorette Slumber Party Spend the night together in comfy slippers and cozy pajamas just like you did back in the day! Have a theme like an 80’s night. Set up a fake profile on a dating app like Tinder and troll guys. Rent or stream movies with a bachelorette party theme, like Bridesmaids, Bride Wars or Magic Mike. Make some decadent comfort food like a rich cheesy lasagna.
  • Male Strippers It’s not a bachelorette party without a male stripper shaking his moneymaker for the gang. Let’s face it ladies, a sexy man is hard to find; however a hot guy who is a professional male dancer? That is like finding a unicorn. There are entertainment services for Greensboro that advertise hot guys but instead send out skinny meth heads. You wanted quality, what happened? It’s called bait and switch. Make sure you hire your dancer from a reputable company like Greensboro Male Strippers. They are the only agency for North Carolina that uses actual photos of the guys who will show up. They will send out one or two quality male dancers anywhere in the Greensboro, NC area whether your gig is at a house or local hotel.
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